Tongue Tie Assessment & Division

babies from newborn - 12 months

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How long is the consultation?

The consultation will normally last between 90 minutes and 2 hours (if you require an additional sleep consultation a further 45 - 60 minutes will be required).

Is there any paperwork we need to fill out?

A signed consent form from the legal guardian is required prior to the procedure being carried out.

What happens during the consultation?

We will discuss any relevant family history during the consultation. I will also ask you details of the baby’s birth, and behaviour during and between feeds. A gentle examination of the baby’s mouth and tongue will be undertaken.

What happens after the tongue tie division?

Observation and a feeding assessment will be carried out after the division procedure.

Where is your service area and how quickly can I book?

Visits are available within a 30 mile radius of Northampton and made at a convenient time to suit you.

Is tongue tie division necessary?

For breast fed babies: -is it difficult to latch and or maintain a good latch during feeding? -is your baby making clicking or sucking noises when feeding from the breast? -is your baby experiencing slow weight gain -does your baby constantly feed or take a long time to feed?​ -is your baby experiencing excessive wind, colic and or vomiting? Are you: -finding it difficult to maintain a good milk supply? -experiencing pain and sore nipples during feeding? -had or have mastitis? Bottle fed babies: -difficulty in latching to the teat and maintaining sucking -noisy feeding and or dribbling -takes a long time to feed -does not take a good amount of milk. Not all of the above problems are directly associated with tongue tie but if you are experiencing any or a combination of the above a home assessment may benefit you greatly in ascertaining why these issues are occurring.

Does the procedure hurt the baby?

Tongue tie division is performed without anaesthetic. There may be some discomfort as there are a small number of blood vessels that supply the frenulum. Most babies undergo the procedure with minimal discomfort and will feed immediately afterwards. Other babies may need settling and calming before feeding commences.

About the tongue tie division procedure:

The baby will be wrapped in a blanket and laid flat on a surface like a changing mat. An adult (parent / friend) will hold the baby’s head still while the mouth is gently opened to expose the frenulum.


The frenulum is cut quickly with a pair of single use sterile, blunt scissors. Once the frenulum has been divided, sterile gauze is applied to the tongue to stem any bleeding. There will sometimes be a diamond shaped wound left under the tongue.


There is usually a little bleeding after the procedure which normally stops within a few minutes. The action of feeding usually stops the bleeding and this is always checked before the end of the visit. A leaflet will be given on aftercare.

Consultation, assessment & tongue tie division - £250

The consultation involves a feeding assessment and an overview of your baby’s health which includes a thorough assessment of your baby’s mouth and tongue movement. If tongue tie is diagnosed the procedure will be carried out with parental consent and support with feeding will be given straight after division has been achieved. This fee also includes a telephone call or follow up email within two weeks of the division.

Consultation, assessment, frenulotomy & sleeping plan - £400

This will include a full assessment of the baby’s mouth, tongue and general health. The tongue tie will be released and feeding support will be given. A sleeping plan will then be discussed and a detailed email will be sent to you in order to implement this. Two follow up calls / emails are included in this price.

Breast & bottle feeding consultation & assessment without frenulototmy - £150

Advice, tips and feeding plans will be discussed during the visit should division of tongue tie not be indicated.

Consultation, assessment without frenutomy & sleeping plan - £300

As above, but without frenulotomy.

Follow up appointments - £80

Should you require additional feeding support or further division of tongue tie which can sometimes occur I will revisit you to assess this.


Payment is taken in the form of cash, bank transfer prior to arrival, or credit/debit card on arrival. Consultations are done within a 30 mile radius of NN5 (additional miles charged at £1.00 per mile thereafter).


Sleep Consultations

Sleep consultations are a guide for parents from newborn to two-and-a-half years old.


I believe in a holistic approach which encompasses the needs of the individual child and family. Depending on the age of the child, detailed information and techniques are given to guide parents into facilitating excellent sleep patterns in their young children.

Babies and children are never too young to be guided into peaceful and happy sleeping patterns. My methods are extremely successful and yet very gentle in their approach.


Telephone and Skype consultations are available and very effective. In home visits are available if you live within a 30 mile radius of NN5 (additional miles at £1.00 per mile thereafter).


£230 First consultation, home visit, including in-depth plan and follow-up call after a month

£180 Skype or telephone (this includes one follow up call within a month) 

£120 Follow-up consultations

Breastfeeding Consultations

I am a certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and offer a comprehensive breastfeeding service that specialises particularly in newborn feeding. The aim is to support you on your feeding journey and make it as stress free and as enjoyable as possible whether it be your first or fifth baby!


I offer consultations in your own home at a time that suits you where you and your baby (or babies) are most comfortable. Consultations at home need to be within a 30 mile radius of NN5 (additional miles charged at £1.00 per mile thereafter). Skype consultations are also available and are also very effective.

Consultations include

*pre-birth guide to breastfeeding while pregnant to ensure feeding gets off to a good start

*successful latch

*positioning and attachment

*building and maintaining milk supply

*hand expressing and using a breast pump

*responsive feeding

*mix feeding (breast and bottle)

*feeding twins



*how to change from breast to bottle


£150 First consultation, home visit

£120 Skype (this includes one follow up call within a month) 

£80 Follow-up consultations