babies from newborn - 6 months

About the tongue tie division procedure:

The baby will be wrapped in a blanket and laid flat on a surface like a changing mat. An adult (parent / friend) will hold the baby’s head still while the mouth is gently opened to expose the frenulum.


The frenulum is cut quickly with a pair of single use sterile, blunt scissors. Once the frenulum has been divided, sterile gauze is applied to the tongue to stem any bleeding. There will sometimes be a diamond shaped wound left under the tongue.


There is usually a little bleeding after the procedure which normally stops within a few minutes. The action of feeding usually stops the bleeding and this is always checked before the end of the visit. A leaflet will be given on aftercare.

Payment is taken in the form of cash, bank transfer prior to arrival, or credit/debit card on arrival. Consultations are done within a 30 mile radius of NN5 (additional miles charged at £1.00 per mile thereafter).