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Kind Words From Happy Parents

Image by Luiza Braun


Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart . Finally feeding feels a pleasure and what I was dreaming about when I was pregnant.

Image by Taisiia Shestopal

Antoinette Lawrence

Sleep deprivation has to be one of the most difficult aspects of parenthood. If you are experiencing this, I would definitely recommend Louise's help!

Image by Hollie Santos

Zoe Hilton

The plan is going great...he has now slept through the night 5 times since we spoke! Mainly I wanted to say thank you, your advice has been amazing.


Louise was an absolute life saver when our eldest was born. I really wanted to breastfeed but neither my son or I could quite get the hang of it. Louise diagnosed a tongue tie and then gave brilliant, practical, non-judgemental advice on how to get us up and running! She also gave us a gentle routine to follow to get our son sleeping through the night. I used it on our daughter too when she was born 2 years later with success. Louise gave my husband and I the kind of down-to-earth advice we desperately needed that we couldn't find from the NHS at a very vulnerable time in our lives. 

 -Louise Beale

Mother Baby Bonding
Mother with her Baby

Louise is my saviour! We'd hit desperation point with our daughter when at 9 months old she was waking every two hours unless I lay with her. She had been doing this for three months and it was impacting on our lives immensely. My partner and I hardly had any evenings together and I was exhausted and feeling depressed. Louise reassured us so much and took time to talk us through every minuscule detail of our routine. Within hours she sent us an email outlining what we needed to do for the following ten days. Those two weeks were pretty hard work, but Louise was there every step of the way encouraging me to stick with it and that our daughter will be totally fine. And she was! As if by miracle, on the 11th night, after 10 nights of ups and downs, she slept a blissful, uninterrupted, glorious 11 hours straight. And she has done ever since! (Bar the odd illness or painful teeth). I can't recommend Louise and her gentle techniques enough. I am against the 'full on' CIO method - Louise gave us tailored soft but consistent approach that helped us teach our daughter about sleeping. We've never looked back. 

 -Marilena Reina

Parents with Newborn Baby

Leah, 2018

I just wanted to thank you so , so much for such a personal service. I got in touch with Louise after a long and challenging three weeks and she was fantastic. 
She was literally at my house that evening , was amazing with my son and helped reassure me. I highly recommend Louise.


Image by Minnie Zhou

Lauren, 2018

Thank you so much for today you were utterly amazing and I so appreciate it.


Image by Apostolos Vamvouras

Claire Orange

I can't thank you enough for your help. I feel like you have saved me .

Image by Alex Bodini

Louise Rabbat

Firstly I would like to thank you because everything has gone even better than I could have expected - he can now self settle! I have also had mainly full nights sleep since we spoke on the phone.

Image by Jonathan Borba

Natalie Sergant

I shall forever be eternally grateful that I have one child that sleeps, wish I had known about you with my first!! 

Despite having everything we thought we needed, when our first child was born 3 weeks early we soon found ourselves exhausted and struggling with breastfeeding, despite our best efforts. Louise literally set us all on the straight and narrow with her expert advice and encouragement. To my delight, within one session with her, I was breastfeeding my daughter successfully and we came away with a routine to follow which gave us all some much needed structure. We could not have been more grateful for Louise's help: she gave us huge confidence and much needed support to our new role as parents.

-Catherine Owen


When my daughter was born, she had a posterior tongue-tie that wasn't diagnosed until she was a few weeks old. Louise spent a lot of time with me helping me to latch her on and improve her position. She gave me lots of advice and was there any time I needed her help. I can thoroughly recommend her as she was invaluable to me during those difficult early weeks. 


My son was born with a very obvious tongue tie which prevented him from being able to swallow breastmilk properly. Her advice and support meant that I was able to exclusively pump breastmilk for my son until he was four months old. I will always be grateful to her for helping me to achieve this. 

 -Tamsin Sapwell

Image by Taylor Gray
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